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My name is Laurent Zecchinon.

I use to say that I had two parallel lives til 2017, where I started combining both.

After specializing in biochemistry followed by a PhD, I worked for some twenty years in various RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT environments (university, SME, multinational & hospital reference center).

Laurent Zecchinon - Coaching & Biohacking - Business coaching - Next Gen Entrepreneurship

A life at 200 miles an hour, where I learned about team and project management, as well as STRATEGIC OUTSOURCING (with all that this implies in terms of governance, performance management, risks and issues, quality, legal and purchasing aspects).

I also experienced toxic management, biaised evaluations and unjustified dismissals. This gave me the strong desire to learn how to manage differently and be a transformational player in the field.

KARATE (I am a 4th dan black belt) and functional training (mainly at home) have kept me on track during the tougher times. I’ve also had the opportunity to practice aikido, qi gong and CrossFit (to name a few).

Over the years, I’ve come to see the problems of individual and collective performance, and I’ve learned about communication in the broadest sense. It was a real revelation, and I realized that this was what really drove me.

In 2017, at the age of 44, a trip to the south of France and a Crossfit course inspired me to take action and train with the world’s best in their field.

I then completed many COACHING COURSES in different areas to better understand and hence express my full potential.



  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP)
  • Posturo-respiratory approaches (yoga De Gasquet, Pilates, etc.)
  • Wim HOF Method
  • HoloBody and 10X from Mindvalley


  • Scrum Master (self-taught, not certified)
  • Applied Innovation (OpenGenius)
  • Systemic Resonance of Organizations (PRUDENTIS)
  • Entrepreneurship courses (Job’In & STEP Entreprendre).

I also discovered and became a huge fan of BIOHACKING, which in a certain way links my two lives. By combining ancestral knowledge (notably from martial arts) with the most advanced scientific disciplines, it enables us to function optimally by providing numerous solutions to our modern day constraints.

In 2021, I went through some difficult times both privately and professionally. I then delved deeper into the notions of resilience and antifragility, via the work of Boris CYRULNIK and Nassim Nicholas TALEB respectively.

Today, richer and stronger for all these experiences, I accompany individuals who wish to gain in SELF-MASTERY and boost their results in all areas of their lives.

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