Laurent Zecchinon - Coaching & Biohacking - Life coaching - Belgium & International

My name is Laurent Zecchinon.

I share my knowledge and my experience to help you solve an issue, deal with a challenging transition or reach the next level of your evolution. 

I design and support the implementation of personalized coaching, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) & biohacking training programs.


I use to say that I had two parallel lives til 2017, where I started combining both.

Laurent Zecchinon - Coaching & Biohacking - Business coaching - Next Gen Entrepreneurship

The first one as a biochemist and PhD in Veterinary Sciences, with 20 years of expertise in several RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT environments (university, small business, multinational company & hospital-based reference center)​.

I notably learned team and project management as well as STRATEGIC OUTSOURCING (including governance, risk and issue management, quality, legal and procurement).

I also experienced toxic management, biaised evaluations and unjustified dismissals. This gave me the strong desire to learn how to manage differently and be a transformational player in the field.

The second one dedicated to karate and functional training (mainly at home). I also had the opportunity to practice aïkido, qi gong and CrossFit (to name a few).

​In 2017, a trip and Crossfit training in the South of France gave me, at the age of 44, the trigger to reconcile both.

I then completed many COACHING COURSES in different areas to better understand and hence express my full potential.


  • Master-Praticioner NLP (R. BANDLER) with Nathalie DE MARCE & Michel WOZNIAK
  • Tony ROBBINS & Cloé MADANES Life Coaching Training
  • Intelligence Collective with Robert DILTS
  • Intelligences & Natures Multiples from Steven RUDOLPH
  • Points of You Level 1


  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition
  • OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP)
  • Posturo-respiratory approaches (yoga De Gasquet, Pilates, etc.)
  • Wim HOF Method
  • HoloBody and 10X from Mindvalley


  • Scrum Master (self-taught, not certified)
  • Applied Innovation (OpenGenius)
  • Systemic Resonance of Organizations (PRUDENTIS)
  • Entrepreneurship courses (Job’In & STEP Entreprendre).

I also discovered and became a huge fan of BIOHACKING which in a certain way bridges the gap between both lives.  By combining ancestral knowledge with the most advanced scientifiques disciplines, it allows us to function optimally by providing numerous solutions to our daily constraints.


In 2021, I encountered challenges both at the personal and professional level. I then further learned about resilience and antifragility, respectively through Boris CYRULNIK and Nicholas Nassim TALEB’s works.

​Based on all my learnings and experiences, I created the « HAPPY ANTIFRAGILITY » Ⓡ model which provides a global perspective at the individual or organizational level both for assessment and for issue prevention or resolution.

​Today, richer and stronger from all these experiences, I support individuals willing to express their full potential and evolve from resilience to antifragility. 

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