“Divide and conquer” is a well-known strategy notably for manipulation. In this post, I am sharing some thoughts on its antidote, creating links to live better together.


A few years ago, I was active in the outsourcing field.

When I had to introduce myself to colleagues from other departments, I used to start with a picture of Spiderman. I indeed saw myself as a link maker between departments, functions, people and even organizations.

Yesterday, during discussions with friends around a nice dinner, I realized that it remains more true than ever as a coach and consultant in organizations. I can even say that it might be my main keyword.

By the way, I am always impressed on how some evidences can suddenly fall into place when we don’t expect them, when we take time to sit back, relax and discuss with inspiring people.

A systemic approach

First, I am now passionate by systemic, meaning that I consider things as a whole, with their interdependencies.

As an example, nutrition, recovery, breathing and movement are deeply interconnected, and ultimately combine to define our health and our physical and mental performance.

This is the same within a company, where e.g. vision, strategy, governance, leadership and team engagement are intrinsically connected and influencing each other. We are more than the sum of our parts.

Innovate by creating links

Secondly, in Science and also entrepreneurship, innovation often lies within the intersections if we explore them.

Thirdly, some past experiences can connect at some points to lighten the path towards our future goals and purpose. These links explain why we do what we do. If you sometimes feel lost, look backwards and connect your dots.

Let’s also talk about relationships, links between people. How are they ? Strong, weak, toxic, inspiring ? What we input and what we accept (or not) are critical there as well.

Finally, links are also crucial for inclusion. Do we choose curiosity over judgment and rejection when we meet the unknown, i.e. other races, religions, gender, sexual preferences, or even ideas and opinions ?

“Diversity is a fact. Inclusion is a choice.”

– Timothy R. Clarck

What would be the impact on our world if we start making more connections with those who do better e.g. in terms of education, training, business, team engagement & cohesion, etc. ?

I bet we will all co-elevate and feel better.

From my side, I want this to become my new mojo.

Reach out to me should you want to explore this topic individually or collectively.

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