Inspiring book whether you are a leader driven by co-elevation always seeking for more solutions to reinvent your organization or an employee willing to reassure yourself if you don’t feel happy within your current position. A subtil mix between theory and concrete examples.


As I described in a previous post, the environment is continuously evolving, so adaptability might be beneficial for your organization. This book is excellent for those looking for co-elevation, i.e. to leverage diversity and include everyone in the scary and exciting life of their company.

The book depicts several views of the world, with their pros and cons. They are defined according to the evolution of our civilizations and identified by colors. E.g. red for the era using more brutal strength as leadership style, orange for scientific and industrial revolution, etc.

Reinventing organizations revisit also intelligently key topics such as strategy, leadership, governance, meeting management, etc.

Real examples

Finally, Frederic LALOUX describes a few companies which already operate differently, sometimes for decades. Not only their employee feel happier, but the profitability is often higher. In a time where our health care system is in pain, the example of the Dutch company BUURTZORG is more than inspiring.

In short, this is a truly inspiring book on a subject that is becoming more and more critical nowadays. Human beings would benefit from being much more valued, especially in the professional world.

Want to know more ? Watch this video and/or grab the book (there are two versions, an extensive 500-page one and another summarized with pictures) .

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